Natural gas: Abegás says consumption has recovered

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the national natural gas production fell sharply in April this year, but showed signs of improvement in May, according to the Brazilian Association of Distributors of Piped Gas (Abegás).

Despite this, full recovery should not be so fast. Right because, according to a survey of the entity, gas sales in the market fell 31.5% in April compared to the same period in 2019, and 22.1% compared to March this year.

The drop occurred mainly in the industrial segment, which consumed 31.7% less compared to the previous year. According to Abegás, another severely affected segment is trade. Although hospitals, supermarkets and bakeries to continue with their consumption, thousands of businesses have had their activities or their demand significantly reduced on account of the Pandemic.

More so, the consumption of CNG in the posts also fell with the adoption of the home office and the lower use of taxis and private cars. Finally, data from May have not yet been consolidated, but Abegás estimates that the trend is of slight recovery of the non-thermal market compared to April.


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