Impacts of natural gas on the environment

Natural gas is of paramount importance to the economy and also for the environment. Starting with its quality and ability to replace any oil-derived fuel, such as coal, diesel, oil and alcohol, also serves for the use of fertilizers, and in the production of urea and ammonia.

In the environment, the use of gas prevents deforestation in the territory mitigates the impacts on nature and, if produced in a reduces pollutant emissions. Natural gas has the potential to supply the growing global demand for fuel.

With the advancement of technology, companies have invested in a centrifuge equipment to clean the fuel that is known as Turbo Trays. This product has the capacity to increase the production of gas by 80%.

Natural gas is used in automobiles, trains, boats, trucks, and also in the residences. It has great utility in the industry, providing great value for the economic development of Brazil and the world.