Natural gas will have 30% readjustment of Petrobras

A statement from Petrobras said that the sales prices of natural gas to distributors will increase again from May 1. "The adjustment, this time, will be 39% in R$/m3, compared to the last quarter," the company said in a statement. The announcement was made on Monday (5).

The increase is mainly due to the appreciation of oil prices in the international market. According to Petrobras, oil accumulated a high of 38% between January and March, months that are a reference for the current adjustment. It is noteworthy that updates in natural gas prices usually occur every three months.

Finally, the state stressed that "the final price of natural gas to the consumer is not determined only by the sale price of the company, but also by the margins of distributors (and, in the case of CNG, resale stations) and federal and state taxes".


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