Price of natural gas for distributors is reduced

Petrobras announced the reduction in the sale prices of natural gas for distributors on Monday (03), by means of a statement. The reduction entered into force on August 1.

The announcement was made amid a quarterly review. From according to the state, the reduction reflects the new contracts for the sale of the oil and is associated with the change in commodity price in the International. Also according to Petrobras, the reduction reaffirms "the commitments for the new natural gas market."

Thus, the contracts initiated in January of this year will have a average cumulative reduction of 48% in every dollar per million thermal units (MMBtu), compared to December 2019, and considering the on the contractual date of price update. If measured in real, the prices will have an accumulated average reduction in the period of 35%, despite the devaluation of the Brazilian currency. However, the company did not go into more detail on the adjustment.


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