Kitchen Gas has 4.4% increase from today

The 13 kg gas canister will be worth R $23.10. Petrobras also announced a high value of gasoline and industrial LPG.
The Brazilian state of oil and gas announced today an increase in the price of kitchen gas (residential LPG) in refineries at 4.4%, on average. With this, the 13 kg canister will have a value of R $23.10. In the aggregate of the year, the residential LPG marketed by Petrobras accumulates, however, a drop of 5.2% compared to December 2017. According to the state, the new value begins to count from this Thursday, July 5th. Industrial LPG (which accounts for around 30% of the country's canister market) will also have an increase of 4.4% from Thursday.

The price policy of the residential LPG provides quarterly adjustments in the sales value of the LPG potted by the distributors in canisters of up to 13 kg. According to the company, the reason for the discharge was the devaluation of the real against the dollar, which between March and June reached 16%. In the same period, the company said, the increases "could lead to a higher readjustment to the disclosed today".

However, "This impact has been diluted by the combination of the nine-month period used as the basis for calculating the price, as defined in the methodology announced in January, in addition to the compensation mechanism that will allow any differences between the prices Practiced throughout the year and the international price are adjusted over the following year, reconciling the reduction of price volatility with the results of Petrobras. "

Petrobras also announced on Wednesday morning (5/7) that the price of gasoline marketed in refineries will pass to Revisada2,0033 from this Thursday, which represents an increase of 0.9%. Until this fourth; Fair, the value per liter was sold to R $1.9854. The last time the price at the refineries had reached the R $2 was on 2 June, when gasoline was sold to R $2.0113.

On Tuesday, Petrobras announced the suspension of the processes for the formation of partnerships in the area of refining and also for the sale of its participation in the plant of fertilizer Araucaria nitrogen and in the associated carrier of Gas (TAG).

In note, the Sindigás said that according to the information that the distributors received from Petrobras, the price increase will be between 4.2% and 4.6%, depending on the supply pole, both for business and residential LPG. "With the increase, the goodwill practiced by Petrobras is at 25.45% in relation to the price practiced in the international market and the price of the business LPG will be 57.52% above the value charged by the residential LPG," highlighted the Sindigás in note. In the evaluation of Sindigás, this goodwill has been further pressing the business costs that have the LPG among its main inputs, impacting companies that operate with LPG intensive use.  Source: newspaper The globe.

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