Gas: Petrobras increases price by 5%

Last Tuesday (20), Petrobras announced a 5% adjustment in the average price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, known as cooking gas. Thus, the average price of the product sold by the state will be equivalent to R$ 30.74 per 13kg canister, without taxes and distribution margin. The value has been in effect since yesterday. 

In the accumulated year, cooking gas has already increased 10.5%. In the value of the 13kg canister, this represented an increase of R$ 2.93 on top of the amount sold by the state. In the Pilot Plan, the canister delivered at home cost R $ 90 before the increase announced today.

"It is important to clarify that, since November 2019, Petrobras has equaled LPG prices for the residential and industrial/commercial segments, and that LPG is sold by Petrobras in bulk. The distributors are responsible for botting in different types of canisters and, together with the resales, are responsible for the prices to the final consumer", said the state, in a statement.


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