Piped gas had decline in São Paulo

16.2% was that the percentage of fall that the State of Sao Paulo recorded in the year 2016 over the volume of piped gas. In all were used 5.03 billion cubic meters of gas, far below what was registered in 2015.  The data are from a study conducted by the State Secretariat for energy and mining, disclosed in Broadcast in the State Group.

The cause of the decline in demand occurred due to back of the rainy season in the State, which caused an increase of the volume of water in the dams and power plants to operate normally, so off the thermoelectric plants. This paralysis has generated a reduction of 676 million cubic meters of gas last year.

In December 2016, the fall of total gas consumption in São Paulo was of 6.3%, however, despite the low, the percentage was slightly better than in previous months. This was the third consecutive year that the consumption of gas in Sao Paulo declined. However, expectations for 2017 are positive and some companies promise to invest and expand their operations in the city of São Paulo.


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