Gas: price should rise in at least 15 states

A survey by the Brazilian Association of Large Industrial Energy Consumers (Abrace) points to an increase in the price of natural gas in at least 15 states this year. 

In São Paulo, the adjustment should be 8.11%, for example. In Minas Gerais, the increase may be 23.56%. The changes should generate an increase in costs for companies, who can pass this on to the final price of their products, onthe tip of the consumer.

The appreciation of the dollar and the price of a barrel of oil in the international market in the last quarter are the main factors behind the possible adjustments. Last Wednesday, Petrobras announced an average increase of 33% in the price of the gas molecule, which partly affects the final value of piped gas and CNG for cars. In most distributors, adjustments are reviewed every three months.


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