Gas: Siemens wants to invest in projects in the country

Currently, the German Siemens group participates in Projects for the implementation of liquefied Natural gas (LNG) plants in the port of Açu, Rio de Janeiro, along with Prumo Logística and BP oil tanker. However, according to the Siemens ‘ own statement, the organization is still interested in firming Society in new gas thermoelectric projects in the country.

André Clark, president of Siemens in Brazil, told Reuters that the company is excited about the natural gas market in the country, Account of the new incentive program for the sector, called Novo Gas market.

“We have been interested in this segment since before the new program, “said Clark, citing as an example the projects in Rio de Janeiro, Through the joint venture gas Natural Açu (GNA).

According to the president, the company and its members in the GNA have registered An expansion project of the company’s thermal park at government auction Federal government to hire new energy generation Ventures Scheduled for this month, the A-6, which provides for the delivery of the mills from 2025.


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