Gasoline reaches lower average price since December

According to weekly survey data conducted by the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) last week (February 26 to March 4) decreased by 0.2% in the average price of gasoline for the consumer, going to R $ 3.749.  Minor trademark since December 17, 2016.

The average value of ethanol also fell by 0.7% in pumps and stood at R $ 2.846 per liter. On the last day 24, Petrobras announced that reduced diesel prices and gasoline in refineries, as previously reported by Panorama Offshore.

If the adjustment fully passed on to the final consumer, gasoline can retreat 2.3% at the pumps or R $ 0.09 per liter, while diesel may fall on average 3%, equivalent also to R $ 0.09 per liter.

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