Petrol may get cheaper this March

Petrobras reported that this March the price of gasoline will fall 2.3% or R $ 0.09 per liter on average, while the diesel can reduce 3%, also falling R $ 0.09 per liter, if the decision to reduce the price of fuel in refineries, be fully passed on to consumers.

According to its pricing policy announced in October 2016, Petrobras reduced the price in refineries by 4.8% and 5.4% diesel gasoline on average. According to the state, the decision by the tariff reduction was mainly due to the appreciation of the national currency since the last revision of prices and the fall in the value of freight rates and adjustments in competitiveness in the domestic market.

The company scored following a price review policy at least once every 30 days, however, the Brazilian law guarantees freedom of prices of fuels and derivatives market. Thus, the review in refineries may or may not reflect the final price for the consumer.

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