Gasoline has new high of 1.5%

The Petrobras PETR4.SA will raise the prices of gasoline in 1,5% in the refineries from today, after making on Friday the largest cut since July for the petroleum derivative, according to communiqué on the site of the state.

The elevation is given after the oil company reduces the price of gasoline in the refineries at 3,9% on Friday (16). It was the largest cut since 5,9% on July 1, last year, when the company put in place a new system of price formation for fuels.

This new systematic seeks to follow the fluctuations in the international market and predicts almost daily adjustments in prices–the diesel will also be altered today, with a cut of 0,8%. With the changes, the high accumulated in gasoline prices in the July refineries so far is 7,56%, while the diesel comes to 8,61%. Source.


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