Gasoline and diesel have reduced prices in refineries

As of Tuesday (9), Petrobras will decrease the price of gasoline by 4.4% (R $1.68 per liter)
And in 3.8% (R $2,06/L) the diesel. The reduction is the result of the international price of petroleum,
Following the decline of Brent oil values and exchange variations in the market.

Gasoline has its first readjustment since June 11th, when average prices fell 3.03%.
In refineries, fuel now reaches its lowest value since February 28, when it was
Quoted by R $1.65 the liter. Already the diesel, had its price changed exactly one week after high
3.9% (R $2.14/L) at its value in the refining subsidiaries.

The transfer of fuel prices from refineries to final consumers at the stations
depend on several factors, such as distribution and resale margins, taxes, and mixing
Mandatory biodiesel in both.

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