GE Oil & Gas offshore technology presents new

GE Oil Gas is investing in developing & and in the manufacture of the next generation of flexible pipes, using composite technology to create a solution 30% lighter than traditional risers. The composite hose expands the reach of flowlines to waters with depths of over 3000 m, while offering a savings of approximately 20% in total cost installed.

"The offshore resources are in increasingly remote locations, with extremely complex and demanding conditions, such as the pre-salt reserves. In this sense, the market comes trying at the same time new opportunities and also the need for equipment and solutions that can improve productivity, operational flexibility and reduce operating costs. The new composite technology from GE Oil & Gas offers a simpler installation process and storage and shipping costs cheaper, "says Rogerio Marin, President and CEO of GE Oil Gas for Latin America &.

The risers have been instrumental in the development and advancement of offshore exploration. A flexible tube substantially lighter is able to deliver the same benefits as a traditional saving in total installed cost and reducing the weight by the replacement of steel components for composite material based on thermoplastic carbon fiber non-metallic, which has power equivalent to steel and reduces the total weight by a third.

GE sees the offer of flexible pipes as fundamental to the efforts in Latin America and submarines, therefore, invested $20 million to build a tailor-made laboratory to develop custom risers for the pre-salt layer and deepwater oil exploration. "This new release strengthens our portfolio and strong research, as well as develop new capabilities for the region," reveals Mendonça.

From the beginning of next year, the company will perform dynamic bending fatigue tests on large scale in eight-inch risers. The complete program, which covers all sizes flexible, is expected to be completed in 2018.

The application of composite material in flexible risers from GE is the result of a global project with the participation of researchers from the GE research centers in Brazil and in Niskayuna (n.y.), in partnership with the teams of GE technology Oil & Gas Flexibles of Newcastle (UK). Manufacturing these assets will be in Newcastle and, from 2018, also in Niterói unit from GE Oil & Gas.

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