GE Oil & Gas invests in technology for greater efficiency in the industry

In your annual meeting customers, GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) today announced new agreements, including a historic agreement of technological cooperation contracts for subsea trees and wellheads, and a new digital solution enabled for the internet platform Predix GE industrial, for monitoring equipment. The agreements are based on partnership and continuous collaboration between GE and its customers. In addition, were also announced two new models of gas turbine, LM9000 and NovaLT12.

"For us, the partnership and digital capabilities are priorities to drive more efficiency and productivity as we deal with the volatility of the industry. For Latin America, that means we're facing local challenges through innovative solutions, combining our expertise and focus on research and development with other GE businesses, "said Rogerio Marin, President and CEO of GE Oil Gas in Latin America &.

Among the new technology offerings and customer partnership agreements announced at the annual meeting of GE Oil & Gas are:

Enterprise Impact – is the latest offering in the digital portfolio from GE, being an innovative advance in the monitoring of policies, which also unifies monitoring insights throughout the project. The operation and asset managers in process industries with capital intensive can now easily employ predictive and prescriptive analysis to identify and prioritize health issues of fast machines with multiple monitoring technologies, improving operational efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and increasing revenues.

As a data-enabled connectivity solution for the Predix, the Enterprise Impact includes a Web-based control panel for a single access point and secure equipment and health monitoring of instruments. Unlike disconnected point solutions and single-mode, monitoring the Enterprise Impact holistic and proactive information throughout the enterprise.

GE Oil and Gas Refining Total & & Chemicals signed an agreement for Technological Cooperation with the aim of introducing innovative techniques of additive manufacturing to the production of centrifugal pump impellers on GE installation in Bari, Italy. The agreement represents a milestone in the process of adoption of Additive Manufacturing, as part of daily operations in the production of equipment for oil and gas applications, including downstream.

GE and the Total already successfully implemented additive manufacturing techniques for Turbomachinery. As part of the deal, GE Oil Gas will use advanced methods & manufacture, as 3D laser scanning and Direct Metal Laser Melting to print in 3D in a 1/1 scale, leading to a significant reduction in run time-months to an average of three weeks, from the availability of 3D laser scanning-and more advanced technological sophistication. This advanced solution to optimize the supply chain, passing the physical stock to digital, can be an effective contribution to the competitiveness of refining units and Total chemicals. The first impeller will be in operation in a refinery of the Total in the second quarter of 2017.

GE Oil & Gas has won a contract with Premier Oil Indonesia to the Bison, Iguana and Gajah Puteri (BIGP), in the sea of Natuna. The scope covers subsea trees and wellheads, rental tools and field service support during installation and commissioning. For the initial phase, the Premier Oil Indonesia will issue a request for assistance for three sets of subsea trees and wellheads with planned deliveries until the first quarter of 2018.

Subsea trees will be built at the plant of GE Oil & Gas in Batam, in Indonesia, reflecting our commitment to increase the local content and local capacity for submarine projects in the region. The agreement includes the series Tree on Mudline (TOM) from GE Oil and Gas & wellhead SG1, suitable for shallow water operations that use drilling rigs autoelevatória (jack) and fully aligned to the needs of the operator.

GE Oil and Gas, PDI & EnerMech launched today the emerges, a ground-breaking partnership that supports new and existing operators of exploration and production in the North Sea, to maximize the recovery of stocks. The strategic alliance will offer a range of integrated production services and operational support. She will help identify opportunities to increase productivity, while reducing operating costs and downtime through unplanned outages and provides services including project management, topside and underwater engineering, construction and commissioning and optimization solutions.

Two new technologies were also included in the GE portfolio: two types of super efficient turbines, models LM9000 and NovaLT12. The model LM9000 is a gas turbine, simple cycle 65MW aeroderivada with 43% efficiency, derived from the GE90 Jet engine ever installed in Boeing 777. The LM9000 offers 50% more maintenance interval, 20% more energy and 40% less NOx (oxidation Number), which results in less then 20% of cost of Liquefied Natural gas (LNG). In addition to LNG applications off and onshore, the turbine can also be used for simple cycle, cogeneration and combined cycle power generation.

Already the NovaLT12 turbine is an addition to the growing portfolio of GE heavy duty gas turbine. It is a powerful and flexible modular turbine, designed for high efficiency and lower cost of acquisition. The NovaLT12 was developed with focus on midstream operations – both how much mechanical energy generation – and is also compatible with upstream and downstream applications. With an efficiency of up to 85% in cogeneration applications, these gas turbines represent an advanced solution for producing heat and energy, and can increase the efficiency of industrial plant while reducing NOx and CO2 emissions. These turbines will be produced by 3D printing.

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