Solar power generation grows 18.9%

Data from the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) show that photovoltaic solar power generation reached an increase of 18.9%, compared to the same month of the previous year. The survey was made in January of this year.

According to the CCEE, there were 705 megawatts (MW) average in the first month of the year, against 593 average MW in January 2020. In total, Brazilian electricity generation recorded a 1.9% increase in the month, with an increase of 98.6% of wind power plants.

This increase is related, among other factors, to the great demand for photovoltaic energy during the pandemic. The CCEE also states that this growth is the result of the increase in the installed capacity of the solar source from one year to another, in addition to the meteorological conjuncture, which contributed to the generation of wind power in the Northeast region being much lower than expected for January 2020.


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