Global oil supply Reduction values Petrobras

The São Paulo Stock Exchange registered an increase of 3.26% in Petrobras ' actions after the decision of Opec (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) to reduce the commodity's supply to the global slowdown scenario. In Addition to the announcement of the Organization, another point that benefited the oil tanker was the disclosure of the change in the periodicity of adjustment in the prices of the diesel.

The state has reported that prices in the company's refineries will be readjusted for periods not less than 15 days. The Oil company also announced that it is developing a pre-payment card, which will make it easier for truckers to purchase diesel in advance with the BR flag. The product must be released in 90 days.

Looks like good winds have been blowing again at Petrobras. We'll be waiting for stock results. Check out the main news about oil, gas, energies, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, economics, onshore and offshore in the Panorama Offshore portal. Remember, your business comes through here! Check it out at:, and Instagram @panoramaoffshore.


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