GNA 1 of The Port of Açu supplies 6 million homes

Gás Natural Açu (GNA) inaugurated its first thermoelectric plant in the Port of Açu, in São João da Barra, in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The thermoelectric installed capacity of approximately 1.4 megawatts (MW), sufficient to provide power to 6 million homes, and will contribute to the National Interconnected System (SIN).

The plant had about R$ 5 billion invested and generated 12,000 jobs during the works, and the project can be considered as an excellent advance of the Açu Port project, representing opportunities in the economic development of the state, which will bring an additional solution to alleviate the current situation of the water crisis.

It is worth remembering that the generation of MW by the GNA 1 Thermal Power Plant represents approximately 9% of the total capacity of natural gas thermal plants currently available in the Brazilian Electric System

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