LNG is the best energy alternative to the country

LNG, liquefied natural gas, appears as the best alternative to clean energy for the Brazilian market and exploratory and commercial companies in the energy and petroleum sector. In July 2016, following the evolution coming from the discovery of the pre-salt, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) created guidelines for the “gas to Grow” program, an initiative for industry agents to make standards improvements to have a market with diversity, Competitiveness and contribute to the growth of Brazil.

According to studies of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (IBP) The Brazilian gas market is initiating a process of transformations, with the strategic redirection of Petrobras in the sale of assets in the Natural gas segment, and also changes From the ‘ gas to grow ‘ of the MME that point to the liberalization of the market.

With the reduction of the participation of Petrobras in the distribution segment and the pipeline transport of gas, the proposals for important changes in the tax structure of the sector will integrate between the sectors of electricity and natural gas with impact in the rules of auctions of Thermal generation and revision of the regulatory process for activities such as production runoff, processing, LNG regasification, transport and commercialization of natural gas. These changes will have a great impact on the gas market, with reflections on the supply of this energy.

In the MME is presented that the regular realization of rounds of bidding this year, plus the entry into operation of new production units in six years, i.e. in 2024, points steady growth in the domestic generation of natural gas until the year 2030 , making available to the market of 92 million m³/day in the fully integrated system.

“Natural gas is able to move our entire industry. Its use guarantees more than energy security, it allows to walk the path of transition to a less polluting economy. In addition, we can decide on which path we will choose: more than fuel and energy is raw material and has irrefutable importance, “says Eduardo Eugenio FIRJAN Vieira, president of the system.

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