CNG: Formaq vehicle inspection shop opens in Rio

By offering an economy that can vary between 43% and 58% less compared to gasoline, the use of Natural gas vehicles (NGV) has been increasingly frequent in Brazil. However, to insert it in the cars need to be adapted to the motor through the installation of gas, which causes the vehicle to pass to use either Natural gas (CNG) as fuel. After that, the adapted vehicle must undergo an annual inspection in order to verify compliance and issuance of new certificate of vehicle safety.

According to Jorge Alberto Soares, General Director of FORMAQ VEHICLE INSPECTION, a company accredited by INMETRO and DENATRAN able to inspecionamento vehicles, newly-opened in the neighborhood Riachuelo in Rio de Janeiro, besides being a requirement of the National Department of transit of Brazil, inspection is essential also for checking the Gas Kit installation, as well as for the safety of the driver and other passengers. "The CNG is a fuel that became an ally of the drivers because it offers financial economics. However, for your proper functioning, it is important that it be inspected annually by an accredited body to the Denatran ", explains.

In order to offer inspection services to drivers that use CNG cars in Rio de Janeiro and nearby towns, the Formaq vehicle inspection opened its doors today, April 18. With 10 inspectors and a mechanical engineer in charge, the company has the capacity to meet five vehicles per hour and 40 vehicles per day Monday to Saturday. According to Marcelo Augusto Soares, Managing Director, the calls happen in order of arrival, passing in the future to be by phone and scheduling through the site. "We will until the last customer leaves" scores.

For being an extremely serious work, this assessment requires the responsibility of authorized specialist (with professional registration in the CREA – Regional Council of engineering and architecture) that evaluates the condition of the vehicle, through the use of unique specific equipment with State-of-the-art technologies. And for that professional analysis, the Formaq vehicle inspection relies on the work of the mechanical engineer Francisco Perez Jr.

The Director General of the Formaq vehicle inspection, Jorge Alberto, remember still that inspect vehicles with NGV demand attention and use of modern technological equipment. "Our concern is to offer an excellent job CNG users. Mainly because we know the risks of explosions are enormous when Gas Kit installations are made irregularly and there is a periodical survey. So, our inspections are transmitted simultaneously to the Denatran throughout the day in order to keep the vehicles regularization ", concludes.

Adopt CNG in the vehicle is more than recommended, but requires special care and it is important to inspect it annually with reliable and accredited companies. The Formaq vehicle inspection, is on the street may 24, 378, Riachuelo and has operation from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 5:30 pm and Saturdays 8:00 at 12:00, with attendance by order of arrival or scheduling. Call: (21) 3143-0002 or (21) 3093-8049.

Check out the list of documents required for vehicle safety inspection converted to CNG usage

• Prior authorization of the competent authority defined in article 98 of the law 9,503/97 (only for performing initial inspections);
• Certificate of Quality Registered Installer, duly completed, issued after the installation of the CNG systems or when the incorporation or replacement of components within the SBC certificates (if applicable);
• Tax documents and installation service for CNG system components;
• CSV in force;
• Natural gas vehicles current Seal (original), if you already have;
• Identification of the certification of the components of the CNG systems (where applicable).






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