Current government can put refineries on sale this year

The lubricants and derivatives refinery of the Northeast (Lubnor), located in the Mucuripe neighborhood in Fortaleza, is responsible for the generation of 8000 direct and indirect jobs, gathering 8% of the ICMS of Ceará and an important slice of the IPTU and ISS of Fortaleza. Even with these figures, the refinery can be put on sale by Petrobras later this year and its privatization could impact the state economy. The transaction is part of the Federal government's plan to withdraw investment from the company. The project also includes the sale of seven other refineries located in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Amazonas, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais and Paraná, and reduction in the participation of BR Distribuidora.

Opened in 1966, LUBNOR is the only Brazilian refinery to process a specific type of oil, the napthene, extracted only in the states of Ceará and Espírito Santo. The production in the Cearense refinery is specialized, generating goods for noble use as, thermal insulator for high voltage transformers, shock absorbers for vehicles and pneumatic equipment. LUBNOR is also one of the national leaders in the production of asphalt, being responsible for supplying all the states of the Northeast. It has an annual manufacture of 73000 cubic meters of nape lubricants and 235,000 tons/year of asphalt, corresponding to 13% of the domestic production.

A concern of the President of the Union of oil tankers of Ceará and Piauí (Sindipetro CE/PI), Jorge de Oliveira, is the increase in the price of fuel in the northeast, "Petrobras is transforming the regions into private monopolies, and they will determine the value, If I'm at the high cost, the price in the northeast goes upstairs. "He stressed that, for the state of Ceará, the scenery can be even worse due to the distance between this and the large fuel refineries. For him, one of Petrobras ' strategic roles is to be able to balance prices nationally and not depend on the fluctuation of the international price of oil, "Petrobras has the mission to supply the country and maintain a price level that we can pay, if the People stay at international prices, we will suffer a lot. ”

National scenery

The former president of Petrobras, Sérgio Gabrielli, has focused on the importance of petroleum derivatives in our daily life, "everything we see, or have oil in its composition or was used in its transport", highlighting the importance of the sector for the development National, recalled that the discovery and extraction of oil in the pre-salt generated a leap in the Brazilian oil production, but also placed the country as the target of foreign interference by the control of the reserves of the ore. For Gabrielli, "the control of access to oil is strategic, so it has been a cause of war, espionage, corruption." It was critical to change in the policy of Brazil's main oil company, "the fastest growing in the world is oil refining, not production. Petrobras is going against the strongest companies in the world, where the trend is the integration of production and refining. "

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