Government defends decision to sell refineries

In a joint statement released on Monday (6), the Ministries of Economy and Mines and Energy argued that Petrobras' decision to sell part of its refining assets is aligned with the national energy policy and does not go against the decision of the Supreme Court (STF).

That's because, last week, the House of Representatives, Senate and Congress, asked the Supreme Court for an injunction to prevent petrobras' sale of two refineries, claiming that the operations would need legislative approval.

According to the ministries, the sale of control of subsidiaries or subsidiaries can be made, including, without bidding, respecting the requirement of competitiveness in the divestment process.

"In this way, the Ministries of Mines and Energy and Economics reinforce the need to enforce the previous decision of the Supreme Court and support the process of transitioning the refining segment to a more plurality of agents, more open and dynamic," they said in the statement.


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