Government faces deadlock for auction of costly pre-salt transfer

The government seeks all forms of artifice that allow the auction of surpluses of the costly transfer in the pre-salt, although some presidential advisors already recognize that hardly the auction will happen this year.

With the date scheduled to take place on September 28th, in order to give time, in addition to the settlement of an agreement between the government and Petrobras, it is necessary that the Senate approve the bill that will give legal certainty to the agreement until the second week of August , no text changes by the camera. That way it will depend only on the sanction of President Michel to Fear (MDB). If the camera makes any changes to the text of the PL, it will go through a new analysis of the members.

The government's insistence to hold the auction takes place from the completion of the fifth round of the pre-salt, which took four months and 24 days between the official decision and its effective realization. The ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) has never been more efficient in its procedures. For the surpluses of the costly assignment, the forecast is that the time is even shorter.

Despite the government's optimism, in a report made on July 13, UBS (UBS Group AG) estimates that the barriers to the auction deadline will end up making even more unviable the chances of it happening this year. "Despite the good news, the government will have a very tight schedule and therefore we believe that the auction probably won't happen at the end of the year. Time is running out and some obstacles must be overcome, ' ' indicates the UBS report.

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