Government fear plans to leave oil auctions to their successor

The current government intends to leave to its substitute the oil auctions approved by the National Energy Policy Council, led by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Moreira Franco. The goal is for the 16th and 6th rounds of pre-salt bids to be approved at the Council's ordinary meeting on 6 December of this year.

The management of the Ministry of Mines and Energy aims to ensure that the auctions scheduled for the following year enter into practice, even with the change of government, allowing tranquility in the field of oil and gas.

The auction of the 16th round will offer exploratory areas in the basins of Campos, Santos, Sergipe-Alagoas, Ceará and Foz do Amazonas, and the 6th round of the pre-salt shall provide the regions of Aram, southeast of Lula, south and southwest of Jupiter and Boomerang, all in the Santos basin.

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