Government measures impact P&G industries

With the privatization wave that spreads through the oil and natural gas sector, the oil and state blocks of Brazil continue to be bound by the private initiative, with the resumption of the Denationalization plan initiated by the management of the previous government and now gains More strength, in the current government. These privatizations can strongly impact onshore and offshore markets.

Among the main effects are the absence of state intervention in fuel prices for the cost generated in the pocket of the final consumer, leaving the responsibility in the hands of the private sector, of a generalizably lucrative nature, where the Capital is the greater good.

Another questioning that hangs is related to the maintenance of public tenders and the permanence of outsourced employees in the state. Brazilian public companies are responsible for generating jobs for millions of workers, and since the expansion of the economic crisis, this reality is under threat of becoming a past that Brazil has already been part of one day.

As for the guidelines that will define the path of the onshore and offshore sectors, despite the uncertainties, the expectation is that the Brazilian market exceeds the margin of investments and grows fairly economically and socially, generating profit, jobs and Development, according to the government's economic team and financial institutions.


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