Government licenses new phase of plant construction in Pará

The Novo Tempo thermal power plant, located in the Baixo Tocantins region of Pará, was licensed by the State Department of Environment and Sustainability of Pará (Semas-PA), after an analysis of environmental impacts carried out by the secretariat's technicians. Now, the implementation of the plant works can already be started.

The first phase of the installation had already been granted by the state government in September last year. Now, the second phase will be composed of the construction of the modules of the plant and turbines, in order to be able to make the natural gas reach the pier – which has already been built in the previous phase.

Novo Tempo will be the first natural gas thermoelectric plant in the state of Pará, and will contribute to the country's electricity generation demand through brazil's National Energy System. The plant will have power of 600 megawatts and will generate about 800 direct and 2,000 indirect jobs. The works should also consume around 30% of the products and services of local suppliers, moving the regional economy.


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