Government should enlarge MP to stimulate oil benefit

Representatives of the Government and the rapporteur, Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho (PMDB-PE), defended on Wednesday (21) The extension of the provisional measure (MPV) 811/2017 to stimulate the refining and oil-processing industry.

The initial text of the MP allows the public company pre-salt oil S/A (PPSA) to market directly the oil extracted from the pre-salt that remains with the union. The 12.304/2010 law, which created the state, required the hiring of an intermediate specialized company for the sale of this production.

The Secretary of Petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Márcio Carvalho, said, in a debate promoted by the Joint committee responsible for examining the MP, that Brazil has an obligation to have investments in refining and Petrochemical.

— How can we take the oil and gas belonging to the union and market it in a way that can induce investments? It's an art that needs to be built.

Fernando Baloch Coelho pointed out that the MP can become an inductor in the process of industrialization of the oil refining chain.

— that we go a little further and can create a legislative framework to expand the Brazilian capacity of refining-said.

According to Heifer, it is unacceptable to watch a growing import of refined products at the time when oil and gas production begins to take off with the pre-salt.


Since 2012, the country has had a deficit in supply and has imported petroleum derivatives, according to the director of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), Aurelius Amaral. Only in December 2017, he reported, there were imported about 530 million barrels of oil in derivatives per day. This total is equivalent to half of the total amount of oil exported by the country in the month.

— It is a very large hole, which takes energy, brings imbalance in the trade balance and poses a risk to energy security, Amaral said. The oil and gas sector corresponds to 11% of gross domestic product (GDP), according to ANP data.

For the president of the energy research firm (EPE), Luiz Augusto Barroso, the deficit should worsen with the resumption of economic growth.

— I corroborate that the MP has to look at the subject more fully integrated, wide. We need cost and benefit analysis on how best to use the resource — commented.

Barroso defended the action of EPE to subsidize the discussion and show how to maximize the value of the Union's oil and gas for the country.


The Joint Committee will still have one more public hearing, next Wednesday (28), before the presentation of the final report of Bezerra, scheduled for the beginning of April. Source: Senate News

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