Government must finalize works of Angra 3

Last tuesday, October 9th, the director general of Aneel (national Electric energy agency), André Pepitone, reported that the government should finalise the works of the Angra 3 nuclear power plant as soon as Possible.

The enterprise has been stopped since 2015, due to lack of funds for completion, because the companies that were hired to carry out the works faced accusations of corruption and overbilling in the Construction. Before the shutdown had already been built about 63% of the Project.

According to Petrobras, which is regulator of the nuclear power, the solution would be to make a readjustment in the Mill's tariff, and according to the president of the state, Wilson Ferreira Junior, The current tariff prevents the works, since it does not allow the company to make financing . The value of the rate at this time is R $240 per Megawatts/hour.

A large sum was raised with the auctions of distributors, which could be invested in the construction of this and other nuclear plants, as well as, invested in sustainable energy to benefit both the population and the Environment.

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