Government of Rio defends maintenance of royalties

The government of Rio de Janeiro continues to advocate the maintenance of the current model of distribution of oil roaylties among federal entities, in the face of discussion in the Supreme Court (STF) on a new formula of sharing. In the webinar "Sharing oil royalties", held by Editora Globo on October 30, the acting governor of rio Cláudio Castro defended the maintenance, noting that Rio is the second economy of Brazil and one of the states that contribute the most to the federative pact, "because it sends much more money than it receives", he said.

The president of Alerj, Deputy André Ceciliano (PT), warned at the same time that the state of Rio could be subject ed to a dramatic situation if the proposal for a new distribution of resources is approved. According to him, the situation will reach municipal administrations, since many cities will lose up to 80% of their revenue. He states that the percentage of royalty transfer falls from 26.26% to 20% in the state and from 26.25% to 4% in cities, with the new distribution.

The trial for the new sharing of royalties was scheduled for December 3, but was postponed by the Minister of the Supreme Court Luiz Fux and has not yet scheduled to happen.


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