Government Program to open gas market in the Country

"New Gas Market", a program created by the government, which seeks to promote the opening of the market in the sector, should be launched by this year, together with a package of measures. The information departed from the Ministry of Mines and Energy that informed that the proposal is to offer competitiveness and fulfill the promise of the minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, to obtain a "shock of cheap energy". The work will be conducted in a coordinated manner with the Ministry of Economics.

In an interview with Folha de S. Paulo, Guedes, he said that the question is to cheape the energy and that the studies presented throughout the formulation of the Gas to Grow program, launched in the Fear government, will be harnated. However, the minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, evaluates not to be so easy to guarantee the reduction of 50% in the cost of gas, because it is very difficult to quantify, but the intention is that the value is competitive. The idea is to raise the competition of the Brazilian industry from the exploration of the gas in the pre-salt areas.

On the possibility of granting subsidies for the expansion of pipelines, Albuquerque commented on the amendment included in a bill already approved in the Senate and in the proceedings in the chamber, which dedicates 20% of the backboard of the Social Fund of the pre-salt, destined for health and Education, to the Brasduto, fund that would make subsiated loans for the construction of these structures. However, the minister says he has no opinion, since the proposal was not in the original bill.

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