Program will double production of biofuel

The Ministry of mines and energy-MME will promote the day December 13 launch the program RenovaBio with the Workshop “Ethanol-RenovaBio 2030”, whose goal is to promote the expansion of biofuels production in the country, based on the agreement at COP 21, in Paris, to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. With that, the proposal is to double ethanol production until 2030, the equivalent to 18% of the brazilian energy matrix.

The plan was announced by the Minister of mines and energy, Fernando Bezerra Coelho Filho, during the Only Forum, held last week in Sao Paulo. Currently, are produced, on average, about 30 billion litres of ethanol per year. It is expected, therefore, with this measure, the production reaches increase 20 billion liters per year/season.

According to the Minister, “it is a national plan, formulator of policy, which aims to give reassurance and predictability for investors can safely take in making decisions on investments in the sector,” he said in a statement.


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