Government proposes auctions of thermal and gas plants to replace those of diesel and fuel oil

The Government has reported that it wants to implement thermal power plants and natural gas auctions this year in order to replace thermal diesel and fuel oil. The contracts are ending from the year 2023 and to increase the energy supply more reduction in the value of the light bill proposed the auctions.

For Decius Oddone, Director-General of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the objective is to hold the competencies of each company to perform the auction, replacing 5,135 megawatts of the installed capacity of fuel more Pollutant and 40% of the total thermals installed in the national territory.

The energy research firm (EPE), ANP, Aneel and the National System Operator (ONS) will study about the auction. Access our portal and know everything that happens in the market for oil, gas, biofuels, energy, onshore and offshore. Remember, your business goes through here! Go to: or


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