Government solves impasse between Petrobras and Enel

Petrobras and Enel were deadlocked over the price of gas about eight months ago, and the government has decided to pass on to consumers the increase in the value of the product, which will supply the TERMOFORTALEZA. The document published in the Official Journal of the Union allows thermoelectric to request exceptional conditions for 90 days.

The impasse was because Petrobras wanted to readjust the price of gas provided to the Enel plant, before the closed document at the time of energy rationing. Enel does not agree to revise the values because it would not be able to pass on the amount to Consumers.

Without an agreement between them, the dispute was judicial and the injunction ended up being favorable to Petrobras determining that the costs are passed on to consumers and that the state will stop supplying gas to the thermoelectric, which has been interrupted since 27 september.

The Termofortaleza runs on Gas and is located in the municipality Caucaia in Ceará. It has a capacity of 326.6 megawatts (mwh) and has a cost of R $173.69 per Mwh/hour. With the court order and the readjustment requested by Petrobras the value trebles and goes to R $524.69 per MWh.

The value will be purchased from the consumer through system service charges (ESS). Once again the bill goes into the hands of the consumer who pays the most expensive price of gas. Follow the offshore Panorama portal and get inside everything about the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and Offshore market. Remember, your business goes through here! Go to: or


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