Government evaluates the sale of assets of 131 state-owned

One of the greatest convictions of Jair Bolsonaro and his economic team is the realization of a kind of "recycling" for the recovery of the economy, the basis of cutting public spending and privatization or capitalization of the main state of the country. The government released a list, listed with 131 public companies that are in the process of evaluation to be sold to the private sector. Most of them are from the energy, oil and gas sectors.

Targeting only and exclusively in the profitability of public companies, the claim of the Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, is to generate economic development in Brazil from the investment in the national capital derived mainly from the supremacy of Most of which are foreigners.

Guedes defends the thesis of disposal of companies and deficit subsidiaries, with the aim of organizing what they think, in their view, as a mess in the national economy. The fact that there are state-causes that cause more damage than income to public safes can become a controversy when it is defined in a generalized way.

Even if it does not get out of all the controlling interest, the sale of assets of the main Brazilian state should be realized with a forecast of beginning later this year. The government-issued document shows that 131 of 134 public companies are at risk of being privatized or capitalized. Of these, 88 are indirect control companies (subsidiaries) and the remaining 46 are of direct control of the Union, being 18 dependent on the national treasury for operational activities, which hinders the Brazilian tax situation.

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