The French Government wants neutrality in oil production in 30 years

Become a neutral country in oil production in about 30 years, is it possible? This is the wish of the French Government, according to the President Emmanuel Macron, which plans to approve legislation this year in order to put an end to all oil and gas exploration in your territory until 2040, expecting to make the country free of oil until 2050.

According to the preliminary design presented by the Government, France will no longer ensure licenses for exploration. And the extension of present concessions will be gradually limited until they terminate in 2040, when the country also wants to end sales of diesel and petrol vehicles.

The decision comes to the tactics and actions of France to commit to targets for combating climate change. The question that remains is: where French oil companies will fit in the interim? Will be that most had followed the example of the Total coming to explore oil and gas in Brazil? Let's wait.

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