Government launches reform program in natural gas and fuels sector

On Monday, February 20, the government, on the initiative of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, launched the Fuel Brazil program to promote fuel sector reforms and a program to stimulate the natural gas and biofuel sectors. The project aims to attract new investors to the follow-up.

Now, the next step will be to discuss measures to stimulate the construction of refineries. This is why the government’s main concern, in the short term, is with the supply issue. Therefore, two of the four axes of the proposal are the redesign of the country’s supply scenario with the new Petrobras standard and the development of port infrastructure and supply terminals.

With this new program, once there is an economic recovery, Brazil will have the possibility of becoming more independent in the fuel sector. Another positive point in the area is that measures for the Gas to Grow program should also be sent to Congress. The project aims to develop the distribution chain across the country.


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