Government expects 24 billion storage with pre-salt auctions

The next pre-salt auctions, which should happen by 2019, are already attracting many companies investing in the oil market and offshore. The keen interest has increased the expectation of the Brazilian government, which provides for storage of up to 24 billion, R $ 8.5 billion this year alone.

Furthermore, the auction may also generate an investment of approximately R $ 250 billion with the development activities of the concentrated areas in the Santos Basin and fields.

The interest of the oil companies increased, mainly due to changes in local content rules, which decreased by about 50% the obligations of companies to hire Brazilian goods and services. Not to mention also in the sharing scheme, which exempts Petrobras to participate in all bids and to have mandatory share of 30% in all areas.

The next bidding rounds will begin in the second half of this year, beginning in June, but the government and the ANP not yet disclosed which areas should enter the competition in the auctions.


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