Large companies can compete in rounds of the pre-salt layer

The offshore sector can stay warmer in the coming months. With the proximity of the 14th round of the ANP Bidding, scheduled to take place on 27 September, the market is already abuzz with the possibility of new investment and job creation opportunities.

The second and third rounds of the pre-salt, scheduled for October 27, in Rio de Janeiro, also been attracting investors, so much so that the national oil and Gas Agency (ANP) received 10:15 expressions of interest, respectively. Sign that good winds can blow for the offshore sector nationwide.

The applications for registration of these companies will be reviewed at the meetings of the Special Committee of bidding, scheduled for 13 and 25 September and 2 October. The Second Round will offer four areas with unitizáveis deposits, which are those adjacent to fields or prospects whose reservoirs extend beyond the area granted.  They are: Bobcat and Carcará, and the fields of green turtle and Sapinhoá.

Already the 3rd Round will offer four areas located in the Campos and Santos basins, in the region of the polygon of the pre-salt layer in the prospectuses of Pau Brazil, Peroba, Alto de Cabo Frio-Cabo Frio and Upper West-Central. With the nine auctions, there is the expectation of $ $80 billion investments in the nine scheduled auctions until 2019, besides the possibility of return of $ $100 billion in royalties and 17 new production units, which will generate thousands of jobs.

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