BMW Group invests in renewable energies in Brazil

Good news for the environment. The BMW groups in Araquari, Santa Catarina, and Manaus, Amazonas, are using renewable sources as energy. The factories in the regions obtained the I-REC certificate, known to be an instrument for compensating the consumption of electric media emitting carbonic gas.

The company's factories use the Morrinhos wind farm complex, in Campo Formoso (BA), as energy since the beginning of this year. In Europe, BMW already includes the use of renewable sources in its department and in Brazil all branches with this enterprise up to 2020.

The company signed a contract with Instituto Totum, a local issuer of the I-RECs in Brazil, to cover the consumption of Brazilian factories between January 2018 and December 2020. Renewable energies have a key role for the environment because it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide responsible for global warming and greenhouse effect.

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