Increases expectations in the fifth round of sharing

The director of the national oil, Natural Gas and Bifuels Agency (ANP), Harsh, said Friday, 13, which expects greater competition in the fifth round of sharing than in the previous one, since Petrobras exercised the right of preference to be operator in just one area, southwest of Green Turtle, which makes room for other oil companies to be operators of the area.

According to harsh, the expectation is that the four areas offered – Saturn, Titan, Pau-Brazil, in the Santos Basin, and southwest of Green Turtle in the Campos Basin are sold at the September 28 auction.

"Because Petrobras has only exercised right of preference in one area, we hope that it has other actors in the other three blocks that were placed," said harsh before the public audience of the fifth round, which received suggestions of 115 entities or persons Physical.

In the previous auction (4th round), Petrobras had exercised its right of preference in three blocks, which according to harsh discourages the entry of other companies into the dispute. On the areas that had already been offered in other competitions (Pau-Brazil and southwest of Green Turtle) and who had no buyer, Harsh reported that the ANP improved both the financial part and the configuration of the blocks to ensure the sale.

"A readjustment of the aliquot (oil-profit) and areas was made, and we hope that in this new configuration we will succeed," he evaluated. The two blocks had been withdrawn by the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) of the 15th round, because they were considered areas of pre-salt resulted in the blocks Titan and Saturn, informed harsh. Saturn was removed from the fourth round, held in June. Source: Exam.

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