Brazilian demand for legal immigration in the USA

The United States is the country that receives the most immigrants on the planet. In 2016, it was considered the third best destination for professionals of other nationalities, based on criteria such as degree of development and quality of life. Even in the face of President Trump's last steps in hardening the rules, with the declared goal of fighting extremists, the American government has categorically said that the United States has the most generous immigration system in the world.

The willingness to join this promising job market — and win in dollar — is shared by many Brazilian professionals, however, it is a process that requires planning and dedication, and there is not a recipe ready for all people , each case is a case. Some professions such as the area of health, for example, the person concerned needs to validate the diploma to work, already other careers do not present demand for foreigners because there is a lot of manpower.

The first tip to avoid frustration is to know the legal procedures for the change of country and the step by step of emigration obeys strict rules that an expert lawyer in the area can facilitate. So you're wrong who thinks the doors are all closed. Loyalty Miami lawyer Daniel Toledo points out several legal paths for the person to pursue the American dream. "Whenever we provide a consultation we search for data that allows us to know if that person fits into some kind of visa that allows her to live legally in the United States," he explains.

A factor of optimism is due to the change in the profile of the Brazilian immigrant in recent years, reaching a larger number of entrepreneurs, people who build businesses in America, generate jobs and drive the economy. And most of the time there's no need for large sums to emigrate. "There are cases of Brazilians who invested $100,000; Others who have been approved by investing half of it. The important thing is to fit into a business profile that is necessary and meets the requirements and needs, "says Daniel.

Support for entrepreneurship and simple labor laws broadens the horizon of those who dream of a change of scenery. Other than that, the American public machine works much better than the Brazilian and the families end up being benefited in a whole. With a recent history of migration, Brazilians opt for states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, California and Florida where they can better leverage their business, as well as participate in a society already embedded in the American market. But it is still important to know what you are going to do, what you want to undertake and the extent to which the United States needs that specific type of service.


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