Guedes wants petrobras profit to pay dividends

Clashes between the federal government and Petrobras continue. After the President's recent statement Jair Bolsonaro on the state, now the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said the government wants to create a fund with Petrobras assets to pay dividends, "mainly to people more fragile."

The lines were taken from a conversation between Guedes with youtuber Thiago Nigro, from Primo Rico channel, for a podcast. The program aired on the morning of Tuesday (2). The minister also said that privatizations of state-owned enterprises are long overdue, as well as the government's proposed tax reform.

"Here's the thing, or you pay dividends to the poorest, or you sell it. Petrobras can't be hurting," the minister said, and continued, "there's a class that starts with 'oil is ours', so take the poorest and we'll give them a piece. We have an idea to do something like that a little ahead, create a fund and put assets there, especially for more fragile. Let's do a vein transfer program, take the 20%, 30% poorest and give your share of Petrobras."


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