Guedes: We are working to focus on Petrobras

The Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, said the government is accelerating privatizations in order to maintain social programs. In a lecture with a crowded auditorium in the commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro (ACRJ), Guedes said that Petrobras has also made its sales to focus on oil extraction, which he said was left at the bottom of the sea and in some years may not be worth anything else .

"The oil is at the bottom of the sea, it may be that in 20 or 30 years the car will be electric and the oil can be worthless. So, we're working a thousand an hour to focus Petrobras on oil extraction, "Guedes said.

The minister also said he trusts the success of the Bolsonaro government for perceiving a ripening of Congress and relying entirely on the nation's representative. According to Guedes, Bolsonaro "can not speak English, but is a man of good principles".

"I believe in the President (Bolsonaro), he is a man of courage, determination and moral principles." According to the minister, they care about bad manners of Bolsonaro, but "it's full of people out there with great manners and terrible principles."

Guedes also said he trusts the National Congress to approve the matters that the Government is interested in, such as the pensions and tax reforms, assessing that the Parliament has also matured. "We are a growing society," he said.

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