Guide to professions in the offshore sector

As if they were industrial cities on the high seas, the platforms hold employees from various areas who carry out various professions. These structures can allocate various departments such as management, medical area, protection and safety, kitchen, radio, warehouse, hospitality, sea, drilling and maintenance.

Take care of the management and safety of equipment and equipment of the platform (Platform Operations Manager, Protection Officer, Work Safety Technician, Radio Operator, Warehouse Chief, Warehouse Assistant, TECHNICIAN of IT, Cook, Kitchen Helper, Baker, Nutritionist, Flight Attendant, Nurse, Physical Education Professional)

Support vesselsE
mployees working on support vessels, such as tugboats, who need several professionals – usually seafarers. (Captain, Immediate, Nautical Officer, Deck Sailor, Taifeiro, Cabotage Master, MachineRy Officer, Machine Driver, Mechanic, Electrician, Cook, Nurse, Crane Operator, ROV Operator, Pumper, Diver)

ceStaff responsible for the maintenance and repair of the machines and drilling equipment on board. (Chief Engineer, Machine Supervisor, Machine Rye Officer, Engineer, Mechanics – Mechanics Supervisor, Mechanics Technician, Mechanics Assistant, Electricians – Electrical Supervisor, Electrical Technician (Electrician), Electrical Assistant, Painter, Welder, Diver)

eEmployees with maritime experience to be able to cope with sea conditions, dock with other vessels and adjust the positioning of the platform. (Master, Forme, Nautical Officer, Sailor, DP Operator – Dynamic Positioning, Control Room Operator, Crane Operator, Crane Assistant)

gresponsible for all work related to drilling operations, from drilling to control of drilling operation. This is also responsible for all submarine operations. (Petroleum Engineer, Subsea Engineer, Geologist/ Geophysicist, Probe Officer, ProbeR, ProbeR Assistant, Torrist, Plataformist, Area Man, Pumper, Cranes, Cargo Handling Forme, Welder and Caldeireiro, Scaffolding Assembler, ROV Operator)


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