Virtual crimes worry oil companies

It's not today that virtual crimes do damage to companies from all over the planet. Brazil, for example, is one of the main targets and has received 15 billion cyber attack attempts in just three months, according to with a survey by a cybersecurity firm. Fact is that these problems are being recurring in oil companies as well.

Years ago, they identified an attack named "Dragon Night time", which would target between 5 and 12 oil organizations and tried to steal confidential information from entities. At the time, McAfee, Inc. – a American computer company security software based in Santa Clara, in California – i believed that Chinese had involved in the crime.

Another case is the recent cyber attack on Pemex (Petróleos Mexicans), which paralysed the company's computer systems and demanded almost $5 million in a specific deadline to receive payment. Facts like these prove cyber threats are growing at an alarming rate and turning into an epidemic, both in amount as much as in sophistication. In addition to some companies prevent, others end up paying value silently and feed new Attacks


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