Health and safety in the offshore market seek excellence

The offshore market extends and offshore workers spend 14, 21, 30 days or up to three months embarked, living different experiences and the safety of these professionals is an important item. For this, modern and special equipments are used and there are many trainings so that everything can be done in the best possible way in the day to day in open seas.

In the vessels there are hospital beds to serve the employees in cases of accidents. If it is necessary to transfer to a hospital on land, there are aircraft that serve as a kind of ambulance. The most reported problems are related to sleep disorders, higher presence of nosological (an individualized situation or disease) and epidemiological (distribution of health/disease phenomena).

The most sophisticated maritime units are also equipped with facilities for physical and leisure activities. Another important factor is the adequate diet, for healthy nutrition and digestion, avoiding possible health problems and preserving the well-being of the embarking, providing excellence and productivity in the offshore market.

For more security on the platforms there are the boats called Flotel, which is a floating accommodation near the sea units, accommodating employees in the turn shifts.

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