Abegás reports 10% increase in natural gas use

According to a survey by the Brazilian Association of Channeled Gas Distribution Companies (Abegás), natural gas consumption increased by 10% in October compared to the previous year – which totals about 78.2 million cubic meters per day. Also according to the association, the high was due to the increase in the production of thermal plants moved to Fuel.

This advance occurs amid a change scenario in the segment natural gas, the “New Gas Market” – an attempt by the current government to open up the sector. In addition, compared to September, gas consumption increased by 5.6%.

Check out the gas consumption according to the segment:

industrial sector – 28.5 million m³/day;

automotive – 6.3 million m³/day;

residential – 1.3 million m³/day;

commercial – 927,000 m³/day;

electrical generation – 36.1 million m³/day;

cogeneration – 2.8 million m³/day;

raw material – 481,000 m³/day;

others (includes Compressed Natural Gas) – 1.8 million m³/day;


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