Daylight saving time is not enough for crisis resolution

Although some sectors call for the return of daylight saving time, Roberto Kishinami, an energy expert and coordinator of the Climate and Society Institute, warns that the change would not bring such significant results. According to him, as has already been observed, the hourly question is not as efficient in relation to total energy consumption.

For Kishinami, any attitude that reduces consumption is important mainly through the crisis, but the return of daylight saving time would only reduce the peak. He also warns that there is a lack of planning by the authorities, who should even invest better in awareness campaigns.

"We do not use energy efficiency properly, we only remember it when it is in crisis, the correct thing is to increase efficiency outside it, knowing that at some point, energy will be lacking, more than 60% of the energy in Brazil comes from hydroelectric plants and the rains are more unpredictable due to climate change," said the expert.

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