How do drones help in the offshore sector?

The offshore world is growing and industry 4.0 has helped market expansion. The widely used methods currently are drones that oil inspections, with the aim of improving safety, including Other.

Drones enable high-quality data and show with accuracy of the object so that a trained local inspection is made to Maintenance. In addition, it performs spatial analyses in 3D aspect, collecting, viewing and obtaining real-time information.

The use of this feature brings many benefits to oil inspections:

– Wide view of the area and rapid evaluation in difficult access.

– Planning and optimization of preventive maintenance and Production.

– Access to areas that pose health risks, security and environment.

-High level of security for field teams.

– High-quality images and videos (sharp details of the analyzed).

-Rapid deployment of the entire operation at the inspection site.

– Operated by authorized inspectors and observers and Qualified.

-Reduced downtime.

Information collection is done through drones in areas high-risk, and the operator is in a safe place monitoring and guiding the equipment to better manage the data.


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