How to become an offshore nurse

The offshore market has grown a lot and more and more comes competent officials need to be found to carry out the work on the high seas, both in the technical part and in the health area, so it is importance to have a good qualification to become a nurse in the offshore sector.

The health professional is responsible for taking care of the other workers within the platforms, as they stay many days or months Embedded. To work as an offshore nurse, some courses are needed that are not required in hospitals.


CBSP (Basic Course of Platform Survival) – This course is the fastest and lasts for a week. It is mandatory, and comprises the notions such as first aid and survival on high.

ITLS (Life Support in Trauma Situations) – This is the most Important. In it there is international certificate which is a requirement made by the companies for all higher education professionals and who go to work on the high seas.

HUET (Submerged Aircraft Escape Training, acronym English) – It is an important course, as transport to platforms is done through helicopters, but does not have as much weight as the other two courses.

The offshore market is very crowded, has great remuneration and requires great experiences, so it is important to specialize and make a professional reference to act in this area.


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